Coronavirus – Pneumonia!
If you have a cough and fever, you need to advise Bowmont at the time of booking an appointment so that we can take precautions when you arrive at the office. You will need to identify yourself when you book and arrive at the office.

Click here for Q&A on coronaviruses – World Health Organization (WHO)

Free Flu Vaccine now available!

Please book an appointment in advance, if you would like your High Dose Flu Vaccine, which will be available in December.

Zantac Recall

Click here to visit Health Canada for more information. 


e can book for ECG, 24 hr. Blood Pressure, Lung Function Test, Hearing Tests, Dietician Appointments and Counseling Appointments. Please book at our office for these appointments.

University Teaching Site – Facility of Medicine, University of Calgary

We are updating our EMR so please be patient. Through NETCARE, we are able to access your lab results from a provincial repository. If you have had lab work done that has not been done by our office, please let us know, we can endeavor to get it for you.

Alberta Netcare

Some of our physicians are preceptors in the Faculty of Family Medicine and Nursing atthe University of Calgary. Medical students, nursing students and family practise residents periodically provide patient care at Bowmont Medical Clinic under the supervision of your family physician.

Please visit for information on appointments, and hours of the travel clinic.