• 12 FEB 17

    Bowmont Family Practice

    Welcome to the Bowmont Family Practice

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    In response to a Calgary need to serve you and others like you who need a family doctor and who need to belong to a family practice our Clinic has established a Clinic Family Practice.

    It is a full-time family practice that has one or more full-time or part-time doctors that may be with us for a short time or a long time.

    The advantage of the Clinic Practice is that your chart and your medical information is in one place and is shared by the doctors at Bowmont Medical Clinic. You may see different doctors at different appointments. The doctor you see depends on the designated family practice doctor for the day.

    The Clinic Practice is a part of the Bowmont Medical Clinic and the Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network (CFPCN). If you are in need of after hours care you can call HealthLink (403-943- LINK).

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