Special Services Available at Bowmont Medical Clinic for patients with type 2 Diabetes:

Bowmont Medical Clinic has invested in state of the art technology so we can determine your average blood sugars (hemoglobin A1C) in only 6 minutes
  • Testing is done with a single drop of blood
  • Patients no longer have to go to the lab for a hemoglobin A1C test
Bowmont Medical Clinic has also invested in new blood pressure monitors to more accurately determine your blood pressure during your clinic appointment.

Using this technology our clinic has improved patient care for type 2 diabetics:

  • 12% more of our patients are at their target blood pressure
  • 11% more of our patients are at their target cholesterol (LDL)

Compared to 180 other clinics across Canada using this technology, Bowmont Medical Clinic ranked #1 for their improvement in care of patients with type 2 diabetes.