Welcome to Bowmont Medical Clinic

Our NW Calgary Medical Clinic provides comprehensive health care for your entire family.  Bowmont Medical is affiliated with the Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network (CFPCN). You can visit their website at CFPCN.ca

Family Care Practice

The Family Care Practice has in it Dr. Connie Ellis, Dr. Megan Hurley, Dr. Kate Hollinshead, Dr. Lauren Robinson, Dr. Christine Renz, Dr. Kanwar Braich, Heather Bailey – NP, the family practice residents and any other doctors that are in the clinic filling in for other doctors who may be on holidays or not in the office for other reasons.

To Schedule an Appointment

Please email us at appt@bowmont.ca for non-urgent appointments so you do not have to wait on hold on the phone.

When you call, you will be asked the following information:

 The specific reason for your visit – so we can schedule the appropriate amount of time.
 Your full name (to access your medical record).
 Your current address and telephone number (so we can reach you if necessary).
  Please provide your email address.

Appointments are booked in advance, but we do reserve a few slots each day for emergencies, sudden severe illness, or urgent single issue appointments. When this is the case, please do not hesitate to call our office and explain your situation so that you can be seen as soon as possible by one of the clinic physicians.

Make separate appointments for each complaint and each family member.

Please update your address and phone number if you have changed either since your last visit.

Our busiest time is between 7:00 a.m. – 10 a.m. If at all possible, for non-emergency problems, please try to call us after 10 a.m.

Unable to Attend Appointment

Please – If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, call the office to cancel as soon as possible.

You can cancel an appointment via e-mail at appt@bowmont.ca or leave a message on voice mail on #60. There is a $50.00 fee for any appointments for which you do not show up. (24 hours in advance).

Annual Physical, Procedures and Talks

If you booked for an annual physical, procedures and talks: Call two working days in advance to confirm appointment.

We Value Your Time (and ours)

You can help us keep your waiting time to a minimum and the doctors to their schedule by:
 Making an appointment for each concern.
 Book for each family member who requires care.
 Arrive on time.
 Check in with our receptionist upon arrival.

Test Results

These are reviewed with your physician on a return visit. This policy is to provide for your safety, peace of mind and confidentiality.
Please book 1 – 3 weeks after your visit to review non-urgent results. Please do not call for results as these will not be given over the phone.

Family Care

Our NW Calgary Medical Clinic is fortunate to have excellent physicians working as a team in our clinic. There will be times when your doctor is unavailable, and one of the other physicians will assume your care. This team approach is very effective and offers our patients more flexible times to be seen.

Physician Responsibilities

We are here for you and we are responsible for providing the following:
 Extended hours
 Obstetrical care, emergency services
  On call service
  Pre and post travel advice
  Elder care, pediatric care, palliative care
  General medical care

Patient Responsibilities

In return we expect you to be responsible for certain things:
  Attend all appointments booked and please arrive on time
  Be courteous to our staff
  Understand that there are costs to which you may be responsible, which are not covered by AHC
  Be honest with your physician
  Understand that some specialists book 2 years in advance
  For any forms to be filled out by your doctor, please give form to staff when you check in.
  Book a return visit if your condition worsens, not improve as expected or if you are concerned in any way.

Uninsured Services

You will be billed directly for the following services:  Uninsured Services

*** If you are over 74.5 years of age and/or renewal of your driver’s license medical, please make an appointment to see us ASAP, as the provincial government will be charging to have this done ($150) after March 31st. 

  Missed Appointments $50.00.  Missed Full Check-ups $100.00 Please be aware if you do not cancel with 24 hours notice you will be billed. After 2 missed appointments you will asked to find another physician.

Payment by cash, VISA or Mastercard.

Prescription Renewals

To ensure optimal medical care, we do not refill prescriptions over the phone. It is important that your condition and medication are reviewed on a regular basis.

After Hours

If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911, or proceed to your nearest hospital emergency room. A clinic physician is available after hours and on weekends. Calling the clinic (247-9797) after hours will provide you with the name and number of the on-call physician. Please do not use this service for non-urgent prescription refills.

Other Physicians at the Clinic

In order to provide continuity and the highest quality of care to you, our patents, we have other physicians that will work in the clinic from time to time. These doctors allow our Calgary medical clinic to be open extended hours and will cover for us on holidays.

Health Plans Accepted

Alberta Health Care and all other provincial health care plans except Quebec.

Our Hospital Affiliations

Foothills Hospital, Calgary Alberta
Alberta Children’s Hospital, Calgary Alberta