Bowmont Medical Services

Flu Shots are available October 17, 2022. Please call the travel clinic to make an appointment to receive your shots.

Regular Flu Shots and High Dose Flu Shots (over 65 years) are available – get it at the same time you are here!

** Bowmont Medical Clinic is able to provide virtual care from our clinic.
We are offer appointments that will allow you to speak to your doctor from home.

Bowmont Medical is affiliated with the Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network (CFPCN). You can visit their website at:

Our physicians offer care to all ages. With 15 family doctors practicing here at Bowmont we believe we have the expertise to care for all your general medical needs. Some of our physicians offer evening appointments as well. Bowmont Medical Clinic has the facilities to provide emergency care. Our physicians can suture lacerations, apply casts and treat other minor injuries.

We can book for ECG, 24 hr. Blood Pressure, Lung Function Test, Hearing Tests, Dietician Appointments and Counseling Appointments. Please book at our office for these appointments.

Bowmont has travel consultants available by appointment. We have appointments available Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm.

The physician will provide up to date information on travel, all prescriptions necessary and the necessary immunization. If you are traveling anywhere outside of Canada you should protect yourself against vaccine preventable disease. We offer specific information for the leisure traveler, business traveler and special needs traveler. For more information, please visit our website

Bowmont offers prenatal, delivery care and post care for you and your baby. Deliveries are done at the Foothills Hospital.

Prenatal courses are offered when demand is there – Please tell us if you are interested!

A Transport Canada Marine Medical Report is completed by a Transport Canada Approved Doctor. This type of medical is required by most shipping companies/Coast Guard etc. Dr.Connie Ellis is a Transport Canada approved examiner. Marine Exam fees

PLEASE NOTE: That you will need to do the following in preparation for your marine medical appointment: Bring photo ID, Wear your glasses.

Dr Connie Ellis is a Certified Civil Aviation Examiner. If you require a Transport Canada Civil Aviation Medical Examination Report please book an appointment at the Bowmont Travel Clinic. Call Bowmont Travel Clinic at 403-247-0787 to reach the receptionist or email us at * This service is not covered by Alberta Health Care. Aviation Exam fees

PLEASE NOTE: That you will need to do the following in preparation for your aviation medical appointment: Bring photo ID, Wear your glasses, Bring your aviation medical certificates.

Services not Covered by Alberta Health Care. Uninsured Services.