Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Is Protected

** There is NO audio or video recording allowed in public areas of the clinic. **

Your Privacy Is Important to Us:
We value the trust you have placed in us by choosing Bowmont as your Healthcare provider. At Bowmont, keeping your personal information in confidence is an integral part of our commitment to service excellence. To help us meet this commitment to you, Bowmont has a Privacy Policy.

At Bowmont, we collect your personal information. It includes your personal demographic and your personal health information. We have submitted our Health Information and Security Manual to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC).

To reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access to your information and to our physical premises we have certain practices in place. They include:

  • Limited Access to the building – physician and staff have access to the building and are not authorized to give their keys to non-authorized persons;
  • Security System – the premises are monitored by a security company outside of normal business hours. We have entry door, glass and motion detectors in the building that are keycode activated when the premises are vacated;
  • No Narcotics or Cash on premises;
  • Video Surveillance – the two main floor entrance doors to the building are monitored by video surveillance. Each door has 2 cameras. Two cameras are used at each door in order to, as much as possible, get an accurate visualization of a crime perpetrator if a crime occurs;
  • Secure storage of paper documents, intended for disposal, prior to shredding;
  • Staff Security – physicians and staff are able to store their personal items in secure areas. These include but are not limited to offices, lockers and closets.

Recently our Bowness Business Area has seen an increase in the number of Break and Entering Crimes and Theft Crimes.

In an attempt to discourage perpetrators of such offences and in order to identify them if they do commit a crime at our premises, we have installed security cameras. We have tried other modalities and despite them theft remains a problem.

The Video Recorder is securely stored onsite in a locked cupboard. The cameras record and save images for approximately 3 weeks. Then the video storage space is overwritten with new video footage. The Video System is secured through account and password protection and it is accessed by Mountain Technologies, the service provider, the Bowmont Medical Director, the Clinic Privacy Officer and 2 senior Bowmont staff, all who are responders to alarms in the event that the security system has been breached outside of normal business hours. The images can be reviewed remotely through an app prior to entering the premises in the event that an alarm has been activated and in case a perpetrator remains inside the premises after an alarm has been sounded. This adds a level of safety to the emergency responders.