Accepting New Patients:
We have no physicians, in our office, that are taking new patients.


Dr. Warren Stanich, MD CCFP
Dr. Sanjeev Bhatla, MD CCFP
Dr. Lisa Coffey, MD CCFP
Dr. Christina Disipio, MD CCFP
Dr. Connie Ellis , MD CCFP FCFP
Dr. Nadine Moneta, MD CCFP
Dr. Agnes Thompson, MD CCFP
Dr. Christine Renz, MD CCFP
Dr. Hillary Gazie, MD CCFP
Dr. Kanwar Braich, MD CCFP
Dr. Nathanael Wu, MD CCFP
Dr. Barbara “Basia” Maciejewski, MD CCFP
Dr. Charissa Ho, MD CCFP –  goes on maternity leave in June – Dr. Alex McCollum will do her locum until she returns.
Dr. Libby Morrison, MD CCFP – family physician and Locum
Dr. Sophie Martin, MD CCFP – Locum
Dr. Alex McCollum, MD CCFP – Locum

Dr. Trevor Prior, BSc (Hons) MD PhD FRCPC FAPA – Bowmont’s Consulting Psychiatrist

*  Please be advised that a no show fee for Dr. Prior is $350

Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network Employees –
Jessica Tran – Pharmacist
Joni Bonner – RN

Please Note: We will no longer be offering Shared Care Practice.

We have appointments available 8:30 – 3 pm Monday to Friday.

The preparation for aviation medicals is the same preparation for marine medicals. For more information on aviation or marine medicals please click here

PLEASE NOTE that you will need to do the following preparation for your Marine / Aviation Medical Appointment:

  • Bring photo ID
  • Wear your glasses
  • Bring your aviation medical certificates